Postre de Manzana or Apple Dessert for Christmas or Every Day

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This postre de manzana, which translates to the deceptively basic-sounding apple dessert, is delicioso and so easy to make, it can be whipped up quickly any time of year. But for Marifer Rodriguez, a college student studying industrial design in Texas, this traditional postre will always remind her of childhood Christmas and New Year’s celebrations at her grandmother Blanca Gonzalez’s house back in Mexico.

Postre de manzana is a creamy mixture of diced apples, raisins and pecans bathed in condensed milk and table cream. It is light and best served chilled, making it a refreshing holiday sweet treat to end the heavy Christmas meal, which in her family always includes tamales, says Marifer.

The dessert’s ingredients are delightfully simple (there are only five, two of which are canned milks) and easy to find. And since postre de manzana takes just a few minutes to put together, you can look forward to serving this refreshing postre fast: about 30 minutes after you are done peeling the apples. If you’re in the mood for something extra dulce, Marifer recommends adding tiny marshmallows to up the sugar quotient.

Since she started to learn to cook for herself in college a couple of years ago, Marifer has found that putting in time and effort spent to prepare traditional dishes makes her appreciate them even more. Especially when they are family recipes rooted in her Mexican heritage. Marifer also loves that though all her favorite dishes were first made for her by her grandmother, mother, and other family members when she was growing up in both Mexico and Texas, she now gets to share them with appreciative friends at friendsgivings and other school get-togethers.

“Cooking for other people is a way to show how you care for them,” says Marifer. ”It’s a sweet thing.” Especially, she adds, if you’re making a family-famous dessert that reminds her of home like this traditional postre de manzana.

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Ready to Make Marifer’s Postre de Manzana?

Postre de Manzana

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Recipe by Marifer Rodriguez Cuisine: Mexican


Prep time




  • 6 6 golden delicious apples, medium, or 12 mini-apples

  • 14 oz 14 sweetened condensed milk (1 can)

  • 7.5 oz 7.5 media crema or table cream (Marifer uses 1 can of Nestle Media Crema)

  • 3/4 cup 3/4 raisins

  • 1 cup 1 pecans, lightly chopped

  • 3/4 cup 3/4 mini marshmallows (optional)


  • Peel and dice the apples. Place them into a large mixing bowl.
  • Pour the cans of condensed milk and media leche (or table cream) over the diced apples. Mix together.
  • Sprinkle the raisins, pecans, and optional mini marshmallows onto the apples. Gently mix.
  • Cover the bowl with plastic wrap or foil and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes before serving. Serve chilled. If you’re at Marifer’s house and eating this dessert, that means it’s Christmas, so Marifer wishes everyone a happy holiday.


  • Marifer recommends customizing the amount of raisins, nuts and marshmallows to your family’s taste. Marifer’s family likes their postre de manzana with more pecans and less raisins and mini marshmallows.

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