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We’re on a mission to gather, preserve and celebrate our Latino food heritage at its most authentic and delicioso. Join our community for abuela cooking and family-famous recipes from the 20 Spanish-speaking places we come from in Latin America and the Caribbean. Let’s cook our way home together.

2 Sensational Salsas: Red & Green

Salsas are required at outdoor summer gatherings, in our humble opinion. Here are two A+ salsa recipes that are easy and delicioso, from one of our favorite Chicago-based Mexican cooks Vivi Abeja. She was inspired by her Abuelita to always stock two kinds in her fridge: ”A spicy salsa and a not-as-spicy salsa,” Vivi says. These two fit the bill: A red salsa made with chile de arbol and a green salsa made with serrano and jalapeño chiles, plus two kinds of tomatillo. See how she makes both salsas, step by step.

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