Cooking Our Way Home

We’re on a mission to gather, preserve and celebrate our Latino food heritage at its most authentic and delicioso. Join us as we build a community treasury of abuela cooking and family-famous recipes from the 20 Spanish-speaking places we come from in Latin America. Let’s cook our way home—together.

Easy and Delicioso: Red Enchiladas, Michoacan-Style

Red enchiladas are made only one way in Vivi Abeja’s family. Others may fill their enchiladas with slow-simmered chicken, beans, beef or vegetables. But in Vivi’s kitchen in Little Village, a traditionally Mexican neighborhood in Chicago, none of those delicioso options are even considered. ”I stick to Michoacan-style,” says Vivi. ”Crumbled queso fresco and chopped onion.” See how she makes them! ⬇️

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