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We’re on a mission to gather, preserve and celebrate our Latino food heritage at its most authentic and delicioso. Join our community for abuela cooking and family-famous recipes from the 20 Spanish-speaking places we come from in Latin America and the Caribbean. Let’s cook our way home together.

How to Make Cheesy-Melty Pupusas

Pupusas are tortilla-like masa harina discs, stuffed with something delicioso (in this case: queso), and then cooked on a griddle until golden brown outside and cheesy-melty inside. Salvadorean pupusas are traditionally served with a side of a vinegary curtido that’s made with cabbage, carrots and red onion. This is topped with tomato salsa with a hint of heat. It’s the perfect mix of tart, sweet, spicy and cheesealicioso. Check out how traditional pupusas de queso are made, step by step.

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