Air Fryer Fish Tacos: How to Make Spicy, Healthy Tacos de Pescado

These air fryer fish tacos with jalapeño-flavored cabbage slaw and pickled red onions are Chicago cook Vivi Abeja’s No. 1 pick when we asked her for a Mexican dish that is waist-friendly and super delicioso. She explains that she especially likes to make these spicy, flavor-packed tacos in January, when new year’s resolutions and post-holiday weight loss goals are still top of mind for so many of us.

But their healthy-for-you factor is not why she loves making them, and her friends love eating them, she adds. It’s because they taste so good. ”These tacos are show-stoppers!” says Vivi. Watch her make them in this how-to video: from air-frying the fish and prepping the creamy coleslaw with two kinds of cabbage, to pickling the red onion and blending the avocado-lime salsa. Delicioso and diet-friendly. For more seafood taco recipes from our community of homecooks, check out Familia Kitchen faves: MariCarmen’s Baja-style fish tacos and these essential and easy shrimp tacos with lots of garlic.

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