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quesadilla mushroom and shrimp

You don’t have to skip the fiesta just because you’re trying to keep things saludable. Familia Kitchen’s Naihomy Jerez and HealthCentral team up for an authentic Mexican party menu that’s good—and good for you!

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Despite its early beer-sales beginnings, Cinco de Mayo has evolved into an authentic day of Mexican pride across the U.S. each year, as we salute our neighbor to the sur and celebrate all things Mexico with family and friends.

But are you worried that all those amazing, authentically prepared dishes and drinks might not be so amazing for your health—or waistline?

Worry no more. Familia Kitchen and our Healthy & Delicioso editor Naihomy Jerez are again working together with leading health website HealthCentral to create a special Cinco de Mayo menu that keeps all the sabor and loses the extra carbs, fats, unhealthy oils and sugars.

Good thing too, because, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Latinos are at higher risk of getting diabetes than non-Hispanic whites. And making healthy food choices is one of the best and most powerful ways you can help control this condition if you have it and lower your risk for getting it if you don’t.

How? Flip your foods, as Naihomy always advises, with six new recipe makeovers for traditional Cinco fare.

Check out these 6 Healthy & Delicoso takes on traditional Mexican dishes: esquites, guacamole (skip those chips!), spicy paloma, two kinds of quesadillas, chicken enchiladas verdes, and—for real—chocolate churros.

Ready to get cooking? Féliz Cinco!

Healthy & Deliocioso Esquites

Esquites are a favorite street food in Mexico: toasted corn kernels in a creamy-cheesy sauce with lots of lime and chile. We flip the recipe to sub in olive oil for the vegetable oil, mix in healthy roasted cauliflower for most of the corn and cut down, way down, on the queso. The results? Check out Naihomy’s recipe and taste it for yourself. (We’re big fans.)

These Healthy & Delicioso Esquites add cauliflower and ditch the cream.

Healthy & Delicioso Guacamole and Mini-Peppers

Reach for the guac without worry, Cinco revelers. Avocados are rich in monounsaturated fat, which helps keep ”bad” cholesterol low. And take it a step further by mixing in sweet pepper “chips,“ instead of the fried tortilla kind, to keep your guacamole dip healthy and crunchy.

This Healthy & Delicioso Guacamole switches pepper slices for fried chips. Plus, it looks like the sun!

Healthy & Delicioso Paloma—con Spice

In this healthy makeover, we substitute natural grapefruit juices for sugary sodas. For the fizz factor, add lots of sparkling water, a healthy move endorsed by the Mayo Clinic.

This Healthy & Delicioso Paloma uses natural juice instead of soda for a Cinco win.

Healthy & Delicioso Quesadillas 2 Ways: Shrimp and Mushroom-Jalapeño

La perfecta comida for fiestas, these quesadillas get a healthy makeover for your Cinco fiesta by using almond flour tortillas, which are rich in fiber. They also skip the carne and use shrimp or tofu, both high in protein and low in fat. Another plus, they are loaded with vegetables! Enjoy these enchiladas, guilt-free.

quesadilla mushroom and shrimp
Our Healthy & Delicioso Quesadillas With Shrimp or Mushroom-Jalapeños use almond-flour tortillas.

Healthy & Delicioso Chicken Enchiladas Verdes

Our Familia Kitchen flip for these chicken enchiladas includes adding raw apple cider vinegar—which has mucho antioxidant goodness that helps fight inflammation and diabetes—plus: low-cal fresh salsa verde and low-fat queso. They taste super bueno and are super-bueno for your body.

chicken enchiladas verdes
Our Healthy & Delicioso Chicken Enchiladas Verdes help fight diabetes with key ingredient flips.

Healthy & Delicioso Chocolate Churro Waffles

Yes, you can indulge in chocolate this Cinco when you make the flip to good-for-you almond flour instead of regular white. Plus: amonds are a super food: they help control weight gain and sugar levels—a double positive for those of us with diabetes or managing our risk for it. And instead of fried, these churros are cooked without oil in a waffle iron. See what we mean? Put these churros on your healthy list!

churros chocolate
Our Healthy & Delicioso Chocolate Churro Waffles are not fried and use almond flour instead of regular white. Churros for the win!

Like what you see here? If you’re looking for more recipes for Cinco de Mayo or want to makeover your dishes any time of year, find more Heathy & Delicioso food flips for your favorite Latinx dishes at Familia Kitchen.

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