Flancocho: How to Bake this Dreamy 1/2 Flan, 1/2 Chocolate Cake

This flancocho recipe is the decadent dessert of our dreams: It’s half flan, and half dark chocolate cake. Usually, this two-for-one sweet is made with vanilla cake mix. And vanilla is good, but chocolate is better, can we all agree? Let’s give chocolate some flancocho love this holiday. Familia Kitchen is honored to share this recipe starring the personal family recipe from flan from the legendary founder of Angela’s Bakery, a Brooklyn, New York bakery famous for making the best Dominican cake in the triborough area.

Showing us how to make flancocho, step by step, is one of our favorite Dominican home cooks Belqui Ortiz-Millili of the cooking blog Belqui’s Twist. Could Belqui — an admitted non-baker — try her hand at making this flancocho with Angela’s personal family flan recipe and a chocolate box mix? Watch Belqui make this dessert, which she declared her new favorite. ”Wow! Seriously mind blown … by how delicious it is. The flan and chocolate cake mix complement each other perfectly.”

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