Gollita’s Mexican Porkchops: How to Make This Tangy Weeknight Fave

These Mexican porkchops are one of Illinois abuela Gollita Gonzalez’s most-requested dishes: An easy and flavor-packed favorite when her kids and grandkids come over for dinner. Gregoria ”Gollita” Gonzalez grew up in San Luis Potosí, Mexico, and learned to cook from her mother, who she reports was truly gifted in the cocina. Today, Gollita takes pride in passing on her family-famous traditional Mexican recipes to the next generation and especially her grandchildren, so they can cook their way home, too.

This tangy and easy porkchop recipe was sent to Familia Kitchen by her son-in-law Brian, who says he is this dish’s biggest fan. Brian reports he learned to make it by sneaking into his mother-in-law’s kitchen to watch her simmer the heavily seasoned chuletas in a rich, stewy tomato sauce with caramelized onions. Cumin adds just the right amount of smoky flavor, he adds. If you like this, check out more recipes from Gollita’s family: her daughter Sagra’s shrimp, cucumber and chiles ceviche, her daughter Gracie’s chilaquiles verdes, her daughter Ana’s nopales with pickled jalapeños, and — last but the opposite of least — her very own Familia Kitchen Recipe Contest-winning Gollita’s essential guacamole.

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