My Dad’s Guacamole: How to Make the Best Guac “in the World”

Guacamole is one of Luna Barrera’s favorite dishes, and lucky for her, her dad makes the ”best guacamole in the world.” Luna lives with her parents and older brother in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood, famous for its Mexican culture. Her father Edwin Barrera’s family roots are from Cuernavaca, Mexico, and her mother is from Medellín, Colombia. Luna loves to help make traditional dishes from both sides of her family heritage — especially this guacamole, she says. It’s easy and so delicioso.

Watch as Edwin teaches Luna how to make his family recipe in this how-to video. ”Not only is Edwin’s guacamole so good,” says Luna’s mom, Janeth, ”What I love about it is that it stays fresh for a very long time. This makes it perfect for parties and special occasions. Every time we have friends coming over or we’re invited to friends or our family’s homes, we will always bring a big bowl of this fresh, tasty guacamole.” It’s true, says Luna. ”Everyone loves it, including me most of all.”

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