3 Delicioso Dishes for Meatless Fridays in Lent

meatless pozole verde

Looking for menu ideas for meatless mains to serve Fridays during Lent, all the way to Easter—that are authentic and sabrosos? We get it.

If you are giving up carne for Lent, consider these Familia Kitchen Healthy & Delicioso dishes that are favorite with Latinx families all year long and especially in the Lenten season all the way hasta Semana Santa.

Try these 3 Lent-Friendly Meatless Mains

lentil soup is full of vegetables and Caribbean flavors from the Dominican Republic.

Naihomy’s Super-Saludable Dominican Lentil Soup

Submitted by Naihomy Jerez of New York

Naihomy taps into her Dominican heritage to whip up this savory, super-healthy and totally sabroso lentil soup full of flavor and vegetables. She uses traditional ingredients from her family’s culinary roots, like limes, yuca and auyama pumpkin. This dish is a trusted choice for Lent Friday dinner. It’s filling, delicious and a favorite of her entire family. Parents can also make and freeze it ahead, for a easy, fast and deliocioso Friday night dinner—during Lent or any time of year.

Ready to make Naihomy’s Dominican-style lentil soup for Lent?

Recipe for Peru Fish Ceviche with Lime, Red Onion and Ají Sauce

Bellido Familia’s Fish Ceviche with Lime, Red Onion and Ají

Submitted By Susana Bellido Cummings of New Hampshire

“After a day at the beach with friends, nothing like a plate of just-made ceviche, washed down with ice-cold beer at one of the rustic restaurants in the village of San Andrés. As we ate ceviche de pescado, conchas or mixto, we would watch fishermen fend off seagulls to unload their day’s work on the dock. For decades, my immediate family, now living in the U.S., has tried to bring back those memories” writes Susanna.

A double serving of this lime-fresh treat is also perfecto for Lent, offering a meatless main with a side of seaside memories to help us get through the cold winter months.

>> Ready to make Susana’s ceviche during Lent?

Veronica pozole verde healthy

Veronica’s Pozole Verde with No Meat and Mucho Flavor

Submitted by Veronica Giolli of California

Traditionally, green pozole includes pork or chicken, but a meatless and vegan approach is healthier for people working to: 1. lower cholesterol levels, 2. lower blood sugar levels, 3. improve kidney function, 4. reduce arthritis pain, 5. cool down fiery/intense emotions.

This no-carne pozole is a delicious dinner choice for Lenten Fridays. “My intention is that this spicy dish will not only bring you and your family together warmly, but it will also leave you feeling full—in your belly, heart and soul,” writes Veronica.

>> Ready to make Veronica’s Pozole Verde for Lent?

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