Veronica’s Vegan Verde Pozole Party

Veronica pozole verde healthy

When visiting mi familia en Mexico, I tried the pozole rojo y blanco styles—but never had the chance to try a pozole verde. Traditionally, green pozole includes pork or chicken, but a vegan approach is healthier for people working to: 1. lower cholesterol levels, 2. lower blood sugar levels, 3. improve kidney function, 4. reduce arthritis pain, 5. cool down fiery/intense emotions.

When the season turns to winter and our hearty Hispanic holidays, my sister and I start craving soup. The best Mexican dishes are hearty, spicy and satisfying—so why should our soups be any different? Bonus: Pozole is also said to be a hangover cure, so it is only fitting to have this special occasion dish during the holidays. 😉 

Since most of my family has one or more of the above five health goals, I knew it was time to create this protein-packed vegan verde pozole recipe!

My intention is that this spicy dish will not only bring you and your family together warmly, but it will also leave you feeling full—in your belly, heart and soul! xxoo Veronica

Vegan Verde Pozole Party

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Recipe by Veronica Giolli Cuisine: Mexican


Prep time


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  • For Pozole
  • 8 oz 8 dried pinto beans, soaked overnight

  • 3 quarts 3 vegetable stock

  • 1 bag 1 jackfruit, Tex-Mex brand

  • 29 oz 29 white hominy can, drained, rinsed

  • For Sauce
  • 6 cloves 6 garlic, diced

  • 1 1 white onion, diced

  • 1 to 2 Tbsp 1 to 2 avocado oil or vegetable oil (optional)

  • 3/4 cup 3/4 kale, washed, chopped and torn into bite-sized pieces

  • 1 small bunch 1 cilantro, tough stems removed

  • 7 oz 7 chopped green chiles can, drained

  • 4 oz 4 chopped jalapeños can, drained (use as much or as little as you like)

  • 1 1 lime, juiced

  • For Garnish
  • red onion, chopped

  • red radishes, chopped

  • cilantro, chopped

  • dried oregano

  • corn tortilla chips or tostadas, chopped

  • lime, juiced


  • The Day Before
  • Pick through the dried pinto beans to make sure there are no small stones or foreign objects. Rinse and soak beans in a bowl with water to cover for at least 24 hours. Make sure beans are fully immersed in at least 2 inches of water.
  • Soak overnight.
  • The Sauce
  • Preheat oven to broil.
  • Spread diced garlic and onion on a baking sheet.
  • Drizzle 1 Tbsp of oil across all or use a cooking brush to spread evenly over garlic and onion.
  • Place in the middle rack of the oven and roast 4 minutes.
  • Check to see if garlic or onion are charred. If not, give the tray a shake and stir the onions and garlic. Return to oven and keep checking every 3 minutes, until they are deeply roasted. Keep an eye on it: garlic tends to char faster than onions, depending on how finely onion is diced.
  • In a blender, add garlic, onion, cilantro, green chiles, drained jalapaños (start with 1/2 can and add to your taste), and juice of one lime. Blend until smooth. Add water if needed.
  • The Pozole
  • Saute jackfruit in a skillet with a 1 Tbsp of oil for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Rinse pinto beans. Rinse hominy. Set both aside
  • In a large pot or caserola, add vegetable stock, pinto beans and hominy. Bring to a boil and lower to medium heat.
  • Add sauteed jackfruit, kale and blended verde sauce to the pot.
  • Add kale. Add water, if necessary (if your pozole looks too thick).
  • Allow everything to simmer until pinto beans are soft—about 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours.
  • The Garnish
  • Top with your favorite granishes, such as: red onion, red radishes, cilantro, dried oregano, corn tortilla chips/ tostadas and a squeeze of lime. Happy, healthy holidays!


  • Tex-Mex Jackfruit bags are typically found near the tofu in the health section of grocery stores.
Veronica pozole verde healthy
Add the jackfruit and blended salsa verde to your pozole caserola.
Veronica pozole verde healthy
The roasted onions and garlic—slightly charred but not burnt.
Veronica pozole verde healthy
Pozole garnish time: radishes, cilantro, and more.
Veronica pozole verde healthy
Veronica’s vegan pozole—garnished and ready to serve.

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