8 Mother’s Day Latino Recipes to Serve With Amor y Sabor

Chilaquiles Salsa Verde 3

If you have even un poquito de Latino heritage in your family, you know that the words mamá and comida are forever intertwined—like arroz y habichuelas and pan y mantequilla. Of course, the mom–food connection applies to so many culturas beyond ours, but it seems to be extra true for cocina-ruling Latinx mothers—si o no?

Because cooking is our love language here at Familia Kitchen, any talk of Mother’s Day gets our minds spinning—Speedy González-fast—right to Mother’s Day dishes. What will we make to show Mami our amor? What will we serve to thank our moms for all they do for us, every day? It has to be extra delicioso. Extra especial.

This mom-menu quest sent us deep into our Famila Kitchen recipe archives in search of authentic dishes she will be sure to love. Here are 8 of our favorites recipes for Mother’s Day Sunday brunch or dinner—whenever your family is getting together to celebrate. Because food is family is identity is love.

Start With a Refreshing, Fizzy Paloma: Choose 1 of 2 Recipes!

A glorious mixture of tequila and grapefruit, paloma is a thirst-quenching cocktail that’s delicious and easy to mix. Bonus: this popular drink from Mexico is one of the best ways to show off a great tequila, an agave spirit becoming increasingly popular with women. Paloma is the Spanish word for dove, and a fitting name for this sparkling grapefruit beverage, as well a symbol of our soaring love for Mami.

Here are two recipes for paloma cocktails: 1) Classic with grapefruit soda and 2) less sugary Healthy & Delicioso, with fresh grapefruit juice.

The Classic Paloma We Can’t Stop Making

A Lighter Paloma With Fresh Grapefruit Juice

Start the Mom Fiesta With White Fish, Lime and Ají Ceviche

Ceviche is great for brunch, dinner and everything in between. We love this recipe sent to us by Susana Bellido Cummings from New Hampshire. When she makes this ceviche, she tells us, it reminds her of family and Peruvian childhood summers. “The strong ocean smell, groaning of sea lions and sand-dune lines of the Bay of Paracas in Peru—where I was born and my family has spent summers for generations—conjure adolescent bliss, along with ceviche, the tangy, spicy fish dish that makes you worship the Pacific Ocean.” Try her family recipe and drop us a line (with a food photo, if you wish!) to us know if it sends you back to childhood days of summer, too!

Perfect for Brunch! Gracie’s Famous Chilaquiles

Gracie González of Illinois learned how to make these chilaquiles verdes watching her mother and abuela in San Luis Potosí in the kitchen. They are the real deal and famous in her family of excellent cooks, including Gollita, one of our favorite abuela cocineras—Gracie’s mom!

Main Mom Meal 1: My Mami’s Arroz con Pollo With Roasted Red Peppers

Speaking of mothers, is the arroz con pollo that I grew up eating in Puerto Rico and the first-ever recipe my mom Marisa taught me to cook. It’s was her dinner party go-to dish and it is literally, for me, the taste of home and childhood. It’s also a one-pot wonder: flavorful, savory, hearty—with a healthy serving of nostalgia and sofrito in every bite. Gracias, Mami. Feliz día de las madres to Marisa and all nuestras mamás.

arroz con pollo Familia Kitchen

Mom Main Meal 2: Chicken Enchiladas de Mole

Three generations of women in Familia Kitchen contributing cocinera Patricia Lopez-Piotrowski’s family have made these enchiladas de pollo de mole for the men they loved. And all three were proposed to soon thereafter. One of the three was the now-based-in-Oregon Patricia herself. As she tells it, after her boyfriend was served this dish on a trip with her to her mother’s: “He loved them and proposed a few weeks later—making me promise that I would make these enchiladas regularly for him throughout our marriage.” And she has.

Romantic enchiladas de mole Mexico dish
Shortly after Patricia, her mom and grandmother made these chicken mole enchiladas, they got engaged.

Want to Go Big for Dessert? This Lush Bienmesabe Takes the Cake

Bienmesabe is a spectacular Venezuelan dessert that can change your life—it’s that magnificent to look at and savor, says one of our favorite homecooks, Liliana Hernández of Illinois. It is a creamy, light-as-air delicate cake drenched in syrup, filled with a delicious coconut-based cream, and topped with tasty meringue—sprinkled with cinnamon. Some like to add a touch of liquor. If you want to go big and serve a cake that will draw oohs and ahs from your Mom and the crowd, this is it.

Want a Quick Dessert? Make Margarita Pie in 10 Minutes—Then Freeze

Unlike the bienmesabe cake, which takes all día to make, sometimes you just want a delish dessert you can throw together in 10 minutes or less—to rave reviews. If this is your postre preference, whip up this quick and easy margarita pie sent to us by Maria Castro of Illinois. Beat together tequila, triple sec, condensed cream, whipping cream, lime juice and a little green food coloring. Spoon it into a premade graham-cracker crust and freeze it overnight. That’s it! The result is a frozen tequila concoction ready to toast to Mom this Mother’s Day.

For muchos más traditional Latinx recipes for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day celebrations, find more family-favorite recipes at

¡Here’s to all our mamás: thank you for all that you do y buen provecho!

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