It’s National Margarita Day! 4 Ways to Celebrate

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Happy National Margarita Day: February 22—one of Familia Kitchen’s favorite days of the year.

Well, tbh, we didn’t know such a day even existed until recently—but isn’t it an amazing idea? Whoever came up with it: gracias, from the bottom of our corazones. (Our second favorite day? National Paloma Day, May 22, por supuesto.)

As you know, we’re big fans of good tequila, quality mezcal, y nos encantan all the margaritas.

To celebrate in style and con sabor, here are four of our favorite margarita recipes, sent in by the Familia Kitchen community. The first is classic and guaranteed to impress. The second is made with, yes, limeade that is easy and amazing. The third is mixed with smoky mezcal, cucumber and jalapeño (or serrano) chile. And, last but not least, the fourth is our Healthy & Deliocioso margarita: low in sugar and big on flavor.

Try all four and let us know which one you like best. And if you have a go-to receta we didn’t include here, we would be honored to showcase yours next M Day!

classic margarita
To make this classic margarita, use equal parts of fresh lime juice, 100% blue agave tequila and simple syrup.

Marg No. 1
MariCarmen’s Classic Margarita

This perfect margarita recipe was sent to us by MariCarmen Ortiz Conway, our favorite tequilera. MariCarmen knows everything about tequila and mezcal, and when we say everything, trust us: she’s the real deal. MariCarmen is a certified Tequila Expert,™ a  designation bestowed by the Camara Nacional de la Industria Tequilera (National Chamber of the Tequila Industry). She is also an official Catadora or “taster,” among other certifications.

“This is a VERY successful margarita,” MariCarmen says. “Always.” It’s also a quick mix, with just three essential ingredients—plus ice. Perfect.

Shake things up with this recipe for MariCarmen’s classic margarita!

Easy & Amazing Margarita 2
The margarita hack in this favorite cocktail is using frozen limeade and lemon-lime soda.

Marg No. 2
MariCarmen’s Easy & Amazing Margarita

The surprising ingredient in this second guaranteed-great margarita from our favorite tequila connoisseur MariCarmen Ortiz Conway is … limeade. (You thought we were going to say fresh lime, right?) Frozen lime juice is a trusted margarita hack, and a worthy one, says MariCarmen. Taste it for yourself!

As a general rule, says MariCarmen, use tequila blanco when making margaritas. If you want to elevate your marg to the next level, use reposado, which has been aged at least 2 months in American or French oak barrels and lends a deeper, more complex sabor y aroma to your libation.

And if you prefer to skip the spirit and just enjoy the refreshing flavor of a virgin margarita, go for it. Cheers.

Finally, no matter what type of tequila you choose, MariCarmen adds: blanco or reposado, be sure to serve it acompañado—accompanied by good company.

Taste for yourself the deliciousness of MariCarmen’seasy & amazing margarita recipe.

mezcal margarita
The mezcal brings the smoky, the cucumber the tart-sweet, and the jalapeño the heat in this all-star margarita.

Marg No. 3
Mezcal Margarita with Cucumber and Jalapeño

“If you are trying to do something different with a cocktail, yet keep it very traditional Mexican, using mezcal in your margarita is a great way to go. You can taste the plant, you get the smokiness. It’s not filtered by other things,” says Ana González Quaid of Chicago. ”It’s pure Mexico in a glass.”

Quick mezcal primer: Mezcal, like tequila, is made from the agave plant. Unlike tequila, mezcal does not have to be made in controlled regions of Mexico and can be produced from any kind of agave. It gets its smoky flavor when the piña, the heart of the agave plant, is cooked in underground pits that are also filled with lava rocks, wood and charcoal. It’s then placed in oak barrels, like tequila: up to two months for mezcal jóven or blanco, two to four months for reposado, and one year for añejo.

Take your drink to smoky, sultry, unforgettable new levels with Ana’s recipe for this mezcal margarita.

Healthy & Delicioso margarita
This margarita cuts extra sugar by mixing freshly squeezed lime and orange juice and nixing the simple sugar.

Marg No. 4
Naihomy’s Healthy & Delicioso Margarita

For those of us who want to keep it healthy, margaritas can edge into the red zone—thanks to the double whammy of simple syrup and Triple Sec. Can you say: demasiado azucar?

Familia Kitchen Healthy & Delicioso editor Naihomy Jerez ditched the sugar and went back to basics for flavor: fresh lime and orange juice. Add your favorite tequila and a dash of sparkling water and you’ve got yourself a bebida that’s good and good for you.

Check out for yourself the power of natural in this Healthy & Saludable Margarita.

Happy Margarita Day from everyone at Familia Kitchen. We raise high our salt-rimmed glass and toast you all. ¡Salud! to everyone in our Familia Kitchen community. 🍹🍹

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